How are the items priced? All items are being priced per half a m, or per panel. Please, read descriptions carefully. 

When will my fabric be shipped? All in-stock fabric is being shipped within 36 hours. 

I have pre-ordered a new collection and the date has come and my order hasn't been shipped yet. What's up with that?

Collection delivery dates are approximate and given to us by manufacturer. We are dealing with worldwide shipping delays secondary to COVID. Those are beyond our or manufacturer's control. We try our best to update shipping dates in our descriptions. Please check item description prior to sending us an email.

Please note that we will not be refunding pre-ordered items, as our orders are based on our customer's pre-orders, as well as there are multiple fees involved such as restocking fees and merchant fees. 

Do you offer local pick-up? Yes, we do. Just let us know of your appropximate arrival and we will leave your package outside for curbside pickup