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FANTASTICO - 40 WT Variegated Trilobal Polyester 500yd 5001-5099
$13.90 CAD
5001 Pancake5002 Marble5003 Magic Carpet5004 baby Quinn5005 October5006 Niagara5007 Wales5008 Shades of Vanilla5009 Corduroy5010 Spicecake5011 Stained Glass5012 Molokini5013 Bonfire5014 Pine Valley5015 Louisiana5016 Sun and Surf5017 Lava Flow5021 Batik Blue5022 Samoa5023 Orange Marmalade5024 Opalescence5026 Eden5027 Cha Cha5028 Peacock Plume5029 Wishing Well5030 Bridal Pink5031 Giggles5032 Disco5033 Good Old USA5034 'Tis the Season5035 Cashmere5036 Wood Grain5037 Her Majesty5038 Unicorn5039 Aloha5041 King's Crown5043 Flower Power5044 Razzamatazz5045 Blaze5046 Kings and Queens5047 Tiger Eye5048 Vogue5049 Dynasty5050 Christmas Chance5051 School Tie5052 Golden Sunflower5053 Walnut5054 Dixie Forest5056 Rocky Mountains5057 Tangy5060 Lotus Leaf5061 Desert Sage5062 Glowing Green5063 Big Willow5065 Scrub Oak5067 Thorny Thicket5068 Lexington5069 Kentucky Bluegrass5070 Hanalei5071 Old Growth5073 Portrait Peach5074 Dynamite5075 Silverado5076 Sultan5077 Oyster Shell5078 Elegance5079 Duchess5080 California Redwood5081 Briarwood5083 Arizona5084 Orange You Glad5085 Mango Salsa5086 Solar Flare5087 Cornsilk5088 Grain Acres5089 Mesa5090 Lunar Landscape5091 Light Lemon5092 Tiffany Yellow5093 Lemon Drop5094 Citrus Grove5095 Anaconda5096 Golden Grandeur5097 Osprey5098 Hot Chocolate5099 Dapple Gray
FANTASTICO - 40 WT Variegated Trilobal Polyester 500yd 5100- 5199
$13.90 CAD
5100 Stately5101 Salt N Pepper5102 Bullfighter Red5104 Brick Red5105 Rose Parade5106 Turkish Delight5107 Thornberry5108 Romance5109 Misty Mom5110 Peppy5112 Creamsicle5113 Lime Light5114 Playhouse5115 Blossom5116 Vintage Violet5117 High Tide5119 Mixed Turquoise5120 Deep Sea Dive5121 Way Cool Blue5122 Deep Ocean5123 Very Violet5124 First Place5125 Heartland5126 Oak Tree5127 Farmland5128 Hill Top5129 Salad Greens5130 Forsythia5131 Red Rock Canyon5132 Dijon Mustard5133 Candlewood5134 Dinosaur Tracks5135 Log Cabin5136 Diamond Back5137 Athens5139 Impressionist5140 Wisp5141 Landslide5142 Arctic Frost5143 Wintry Morning5144 Count Your Blessings5145 Pheasant5146 Coral Reef5147 Birthday Cake5148 Spring5149 Monaco5150 Tango5151 Meteor5153 Persian Rug5154 High Society5155 Black Sand5156 Springtime5157 Lemon Green5158 Horizon5159 Alfalfa5160 Fiji5161 English Toffee5162 Cinnamon Twist5163 Pecan5164 Peppercorn5165 Falcon5166 Maui Sand5167 Kettle Corn5168 Owl Feathers5169 Sterling Silver5170 Pixie Dust