Which foot to choose for your machine?

No letter: maximum width stitch 5.5 mm

The Letter "C": Maximum stitch width 9 mm and coded

Letter "D": works with dual feed feature. If your machine has dual feed feature, always get "D" foot

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FANTASTICO - 40 WT Variegated Trilobal Polyester 500yd 5001-5099
$13.90 CAD
5001 Pancake5006 Niagara5008 Shades of Vanilla5010 Spicecake5011 Stained Glass5015 Louisiana5024 Opalescence5030 Bridal Pink5033 Good Old USA5034 'Tis the Season5037 Her Majesty5038 Unicorn5039 Aloha5041 King's Crown5048 Vogue5051 School Tie5052 Golden Sunflower5053 Walnut5054 Dixie Forest5063 Big Willow5069 Kentucky Bluegrass5070 Hanalei5073 Portrait Peach5076 Sultan5077 Oyster Shell5079 Duchess5080 California Redwood5081 Briarwood5085 Mango Salsa5086 Solar Flare5088 Grain Acres5090 Lunar Landscape5091 Light Lemon5092 Tiffany Yellow5095 Anaconda5097 Osprey
FANTASTICO - 40 WT Variegated Trilobal Polyester 500yd 5100- 5199
$13.90 CAD
5101 Salt N Pepper5104 Brick Red5106 Turkish Delight5108 Romance5109 Misty Mom5112 Creamsicle5122 Deep Ocean5125 Heartland5126 Oak Tree5127 Farmland5129 Salad Greens5130 Forsythia5131 Red Rock Canyon5132 Dijon Mustard5133 Candlewood5134 Dinosaur Tracks5135 Log Cabin5136 Diamond Back5137 Athens5139 Impressionist5140 Wisp5141 Landslide5146 Coral Reef5149 Monaco5151 Meteor5153 Persian Rug5154 High Society5157 Lemon Green5161 English Toffee5164 Peppercorn5165 Falcon5167 Kettle Corn5168 Owl Feathers