1. Where are you located:

We are located in Trenton, Ontario and we ship from Trenton, Ontario, Canada

2. Do you offer free shipping?

Do to severely raising costs of shipping, we can no longer afford to offer free shipping, but we will give $20 credit towards shipping if your order is over $200.

3. How do you price your fabric?

All fabrics are being sold by the half as m or 19.5 inches. So if you need 1 m for your project, you will haver to buy 2 units of that fabric

4. Do you offer in-store shopping:

We most definitely do by an appointment. Call us at 613-438-6665 to schedule a time to come and visit our little store

5. Do you combine orders?

Yes, we do! We will find the most cost-effective way to ship your orders. If you've overpaid the shipping, we will refund you the shipping fee not used

6. Is any reason your fabrics, specifically the Kaffe Fasset prints could not be used for garments?

All fabrics sold on my website could be used to sew garments. Jane Sassaman's hand crafted cottons would be an exception

7. Are backing fabrics included in your quilt kits?

Backing fabrics are not included in our quilt kits, but we always offer suggestions on best suited fabrics for the backing for your quilt

8. Do I need to pre-wash my fabrics prior to making a quilt?

This is a very hot topic. Pre-washing the fabrics is 100% your choice. Personally, we do not pre-wash the fabrics prior to making a quilt. Keep in mind, if you do pre-wash the fabric, the quilting cotton sold on this website will shrink approximately 10%. I suggest to make a quilt and wash it it all at once to ensure uniform shrinkage. Always wash in the cold water and use color catchers when washing quilting cotton for the first time. Always use cotton-based thread (e.g. Aurifil thread) to avoid melting of excessive shrinkage or loosening of the quilt thread. 

If you choose to pre-wash your fabrics, expect fraying of the edges of the fabric.

9. How long does it take to get my order?

For the in-stock items, we will ship your order within 24-48 business hours depending on our order volume.

Quilt kits may take an additional 24-48 hours as it takes time to cut and kit the order.

10. What is the backing fabric?

Quilt backing fabrics are an extra wide fabric to use on the back of your quilt. The standard size for a quilting wide fabric is 108". It will usually take less yardage than a standard 44" wide fabric. 

Most of the quilt kits offered on this website, will have calculated backing options for 108" wide fabric and 44" wide fabric. 

Backing fabric is also sold in half a m increments. If your pattern calls for 2.5 m of backing fabric, you will need to purchase 5 units of it. 

11. Do you ship orders by letter mail to save on the shipping costs?

We do not. All our orders have tracking numbers to ensure they got to their destination. We only make an exception if shipping beyond North American to save on shipping costs. Those customers are taking a risk of the lost packages or extra long shipping times. 

12. Why are your shipping costs so expensive? Why does it costs me $15 to ship from BC to the address in Ontario and $20 from Trenton, On to my address?

At this time I don't have a good answer. The shipping costs are automatically calculated by the E-Shipper 3rd party shipping company. I wonder if bigger companies subsidize part of the shipping costs or maybe they get bigger discount due to the volume. 

My order volume is quite small as we are very new company and don't have the customer database just yet. I am sure, as we grow we will be able to take advantage of bigger discounts as many other big amazing quilting companies can.

We do promise you, we don't make any money on the shipping.

13. I noticed some beautiful kits but do you offer them as patterns only. Simply because the colors may not be exactly as I’d like.

Almost all of our kits have patterns offered separately. Look under "INSPIRATION" category for.. well.. inspiration

14. How much do your classes cost?

I offer classes free of charge with the purchase of the kit. If you already have a pattern, but didn't purchase a kit, than there is a small fee as outlined in the registration for each class.