Blender quilting fabrics are low volume, mostly monochromatic types of fabrics to be used as a backgrounds or "fillers" in between large design, striking fabrics, so as not to take away from a main motif, but still highlight the colors. 

Blending fabrics are chosen to coordinate with other fabrics used in the project. They are usually understated, but beautiful in their own right. 

Grunge is one of the most popular blender options on the market for many years now, partly because Moda offers it in a TON of colors. The more colors a blender range has, the more it gets used!

The last example in our collage is Thatched in the color Stone, also by Moda. The subtle lines and dots on this one make it go with soooo many other fabrics, so we reach for this one often.

May 26, 2023 — Jinni Beens

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