Choosing correct thread for our precious projects could be very stressing. There is such variety of the brands and colors!

I love Aurifil thread as it manufactures a variety of beautiful 100% cotton intended for quilting, long arming and embroidery use, as well as applique and garment making

50wht cotton thread is the most common go to quilter's choice. But why? To answer that question, there are some basic things about thread that must be considered. First, the material from which it is made. You want your thread to be made from the very best cotton, which is grown in the Mako region of Egypt, in a small part of the Nile Delta. Cotton grown in just the right amount of sun and precipitation in just the right soil lends itself to produce a long staple fiber. When spun, this long staple fiber creates a very fine, premium quality cotton that is smoother, finer, and stronger than any other existing cotton in the world. 

Second is the construction of the thread. Spinning turns the cotton staples into single strands of cotton. These strands are then twisted together to make a single thread. Two ply is two strands twisted together; three ply, three strands.  Aurifil Mako 50wt 2ply thread (Aurifil MAKO NE50/2) is a 2ply thread made from long staple cotton grown in the Mako Region of Egypt. This makes it a stronger, higher quality thread, without adding the bulk to your seams that a 3ply thread would add.

And THAT is why Aurifil 50wt cotton thread is the go-to thread for quilters! High quality, minimal lint, high sheen thread creating less bulk in your project, without sacrificing strength.

April 06, 2022 — Jinni Demine
Tags: aurifil

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