What is a Creative Grids - Stripology Rulers? It is a Creative Grids ruler with a non-slip back and slit design. This allows for a fabric cutter to glide effortlessly along a track with little risk of getting an uneven cut. Each slit is numbered with varying increments. There are four types of rulers:

  • Stripology XL is the largest ruler. What’s so special about this large ruler? Well, the height of this ruler makes strip cutting easy and quick, which is why customers adore this ruler. Slits start at 0” up to 20,” and each slit is separated by ½” increments. This is your work horse when cutting out a whole quilt but also has the capacity to cut 60º and 45º diamonds, triangles and parallelograms as well as square up blocks up to 12-½”
  • Stripology Squared is more portable than its larger cousin, so it’s easier to navigate in a smaller sewing space and perfect for squaring up blocks. It has all the efficient features of the XL Ruler, but due to its smaller size, increments range from 0” to 12 ½”.
  • Stripology Squared Mini is perfect for working with smaller blocks and fabric pieces, and it can trim blocks up to 6.5” by using slits ½” apart.
  • Stripology Quarters Mini is the only ruler that has slits every ¼”, so it’s easy to trim small blocks and units. It comes with measurements up to 6 ¼”. It is also the newest ruler in the arsenal, so there’s still plenty of excitement around its release!
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December 25, 2023 — Jinni Beens

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