Odile Bailloeul - JARDIN DE LA REINE - Palace Arcades, Garden

$8.50 CAD $11.00

ON SALE: $7.50/HALF A M OR $11/M

Price per half a m, width 44 inch

Odile Bailloeul - JARDIN DE LA REINE - Palace Arcades - Garden is part of the design presenting new stunning, bold and rich colored collection by whimsical ODILE BAILLOEUL.

Imagine the extraordinary garden of a daring and whimsical Queen. A garden where singing birds, jewels and flowers mingle, where wild strawberries and giraffes meet.
A perfect opportunity to get lost in the maze, to walk under flowered arcades and to gather inspiration for baroque patchworks.

Put on your embroidered shoes, let yourself be carried away by the intoxicating scent of peonies and enter this fascinating garden with Odile.